Serving Opportunities

Looking for a place to Impact the world through the various ministries at Rimrock? Well look no further!  On this page we will make known the needs of the church and trust God to match a person to meet that need.  Look through what is here, see what interests you and perhaps contact the appropriate person.  It's that simple- no guilt, no shame, no pressure. Just let the Holy Spirit direct you.



Welcome and Hospitality Team
our hope is that everyone who comes up the hill, feels welcome at Rimrock.


Areas of Need:
Wednesday Night Cooks & Kitchen Helpers: cook / serve / clean up at Wednesday nights at Rimrock. A great place for families to come together before the Bible study and share a meal. A flexible area to serve in; make the meal or just dessert. Or just show up & help serve it.
Greeters: Like to meet people and share a warm welcome? Join our Welcome Team and be a Greeter. Serving opportunities 1-2 times per month at either service on Sundays: 9 or 10:30 am.  

Ushers:  Whether someone is new or a regular, everyone at Rimrock could use a friendly face and a place to sit.  To help our guests feel comfortable, join us by serving as a Usher  for the 9 or 10:30 am services on Sundays.
Parking Team: Want to be part of the team that makes sure everyone has a place to park and can stay for Sunday service? Join the Parking Team. Team members serve 1 to 4 Sundays a month from 8:30-9 or 9:45 to 10:15 am on Sundays. *Nine more team members still needed.
For more information or to volunteer, email  .



Rimrock Downtown Saturday Nights at the Exchange
for more information about Saturday Nights, click here: 
Rimrock Downtown Page


The Saturday Night Media:
-Volunteers needed to run our worship program, Propresenter. Training will be available. Also, if applicable, any other computer programs for that night.
-Volunteer will be needed to come to practice on Thursdays and make sure things are set up to go for Saturday.
The Saturday Night Sound:
-Volunteers needed to run sound on Saturday Nights.
-Volunteer will be needed to come to practice on Thursdays and make sure things are set up to go for Saturday.
Saturday Night Child Care:
-Volunteers needed to for child care on Saturday Nights.
-Contact Evan Hays if interested, 



The Media Team
The Media Team is currently looking for volunteers (1 time a month). Training is provided!
Goals of the Media Team:
1. To help facilitate an atmosphere of worship through displaying worship songs for the congregation.
2. Providing support for the sermon via slide presentation
If you are interested or have any questions, contact Levi at: 



Looking for people who would be willing to help with the audio/video system at the Exchange. The primary function would be to attend special events to run the sound and video if needed. May also volunteer to help with upgrades and general maintenance of the system.
Contact Karie Schmitt;



Love In Action
for more information about Love In Action, click here:
Love In Action
-Volunteers needed to help a few times throughout the year (as available)
- Volunteers needed to help with various practical needs of other Rimrockers (meals, yard work, moving, minor household repairs, etc.)
-Volunteer needed to categorize and input Community Resources onto our website.




Praise Team


Worship is critical to the heart of our church as it brings us into focus of the only One who is worthy of our praise. If this is an area you are gifted in check with Tom, 



The Decorating Team


-is looking for volunteers to help decorate the church for various holidays throughout the year. If interested, contact Jeannie at: 



Property/Grounds Team
Taking care of God’s assets;  if you enjoy hands on ministry, join one of the teams below.  It is amazing the money saved & giftedness displayed through these teams.    

-Rimrock “Handy Guys” - Getting together to help with projects around the church and hope to extend to the community.

-Property Team: overseeing our physical plant (Rodger Arnold, 341-5050)

-Gardening: planting & maintaining flower boxes 

-Meadow: taking care of one of the prettier spots in the Hills (Jim, 348-6383)



-help our office staff support all that God is doing here.  If interested in helping, call Aimee in the office, 342-5373.