Get Connected

When new to a church, people often ask, where do I begin? We have a few steps that you can take to learn more about the church, meet people, and see where God would have you plug in.


We suggest you get started with:


This 1 hour class is designed for you! We want to help you connect, meet new friends, staff and ask questions. We’ll also give you a a bite to eat and information on good places to start at Rimrock. Offered monthly at 10:30am on Sundays, email with questions.




In Base Camp, we'll explore, discuss and clarify what Scripture says about man's relationship with God, and Rimrock's perspective. This session is especially valuable if you are new to Rimrock and a perfect time to ask any theological questions. So grab a cup of coffee and head to this casual, interactive class that will be very informative.


Base Camp Dates will be in the bulletin as they come closer.



Whether you're new to Rimrock or simply want to meet and connect with the pastors leading ministry to students and children, we invite you to Parent-Pastor Connection. Drew Meyer and Boomer Roland want to meet with parents to share the values and purposes that drive their ministries, talking about upcoming activities and answering questions from parents.


The dates for 2018 are March 18th, August 19th and December 2nd.



After Base Camp, the next step is venturing out on your climb. As you decide which route(s) to take, you may choose from a large variety  of studies, ministries, and activities, or maybe you just need to abide and rest in Him. Whatever your choice, we are here to walk along side, equip and encourage you!



Which Route will you take?


Connecting Points
CP's offer a variety of opportunities to share a common interest or activity.

Community Groups
CG's are formed around a common denominator and are about sharing life together! Encourage one another, discuss and apply God's Word- through studies, socials, and service.

Small Groups
SG's allow us to experience life and Christ together. An opportunity for deeper relationships, in-depth discussion's of God's Truth, and application.

Sunday & Wednesday Classes
Various classes offered on a specific subject. Great growth opportunities!
Saturday Life Labs
SLL's are held periodically and are half-day seminars that provide biblical strategies for dealing with real life issues.

Partner in Ministry
You'll find Rimrock ministries within the church, in the community, and throughout the world! Glorify our Heavenly Father in a wide a variety of ways: serving coffee, teaching kids, helping the homeless, supporting a mission, and more.

Church Membership
For those wanting to be a more involved part of God's family at Rimrock and take part in decisions / voting, you are welcome to become a member. We have a form for you to fill out, and will arrange for a time to share your testimony with an elder. Email for more info.

If you'd like more information while "planning your route" call Pastor Mike at 342-5373, or email Jeannie Short at